elp us restore the Battleship North Carolina by purchasing this gray or navy t-shirt!  All proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to the Hull Restoration project with a unique front and back design that makes this t-shirt truly one of a kind.  Made in the USA.
The flag of the United States is one of the nation's most widely recognized symbols. Within the United States, flags are frequently displayed not only on public buildings but on private residences.  The flag has become a powerful symbol of American patriotism and is proudly flown on many occasions.

Purchase a flag from our online store and you can have it flown aboard the USS North Carolina at no additional charge.  Every flag flown comes with a certificate of authenticity which will include your name on the certificate. If you would like optional wording or your flag is for a special event, please give us a call at 910-251-5797 to ensure we have the right information for your certificate. Flag size: 3'x5' made of 100% All-Weather Nylon.  Made in the USA.